Why maths?

Jeff, Jim and Dan attended the Australian Association of Maths teachers annual conference to deliver a paper on STEMfit. It was met with enthusiasum and a number of followup meetings ensued. The presentation itself was a heady mix of education, sports science and wearables with plenty of ‘red herrings’ and discussion throughout the presentation. Interruptions were welcomed and allowed a free flow of ideas of where STEMfit is heading in the future.

Utilising wearable technology and sports sciences to engage students in STEM activities

James B Lee,1Jeff Parker2& Daniel A. James1

1 Exercise and Sports Science, College of Health and Human Sciences, Charles Darwin University, Australia

2. Department of Education, Northern Territory, Australia


Student engagement in STEM learning activities has been flagged as a major barrier to active learning in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at primary and secondary levels. This paper presents the results of utilising wearable technologies in field-based class activities to engage more directly in 

Wearable technology is increasingly utilised in assessing sporting performance at elite levels and more recently has found popularity with the general population, including school aged children. in this study wearable technology was applied to a custom developed education program as a multifaceted approach by developing the technology for suitability in a schooling and education context. Children have been shown to learn more effectively if they can relate to what is being taught. In this approach children created their own data using body worn wearable sensors which were then subsequently investigated in the classroom. 

The levels of engagement and self-directed enquiry in the test cohort demonstrate that this novel approach can foster critical and creative thinking while exposing children to new technology. Further the technology is well suited to vertical integration and has the capability to be applied across all teaching ages. 

Utilising wearable technology and sports sciences to engage students in STEM activities

Why Maths? Inspiration beyond the Classroom, pp9 2019, Australian Association of Maths Teachers, Brisbane, Australia

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