Back in 2015 a seed for an idea was planted.

Today, Jim Lee was invited to Yasmin Osborne’s admission as a lawyer into the Northern Territory Supreme Court. This is the culmination of many years study commencing with Exercise and Sport Science, followed by an Honours degree, after which came the law degree. With all of them, Yasmin was always dedicated and successful with her studies. Little did Yasmin or Jim know that her Honours studies would result in a steadily growing entity known as STEMfit….

Jim With Yasmin after her admission to the NT Supreme Court. Photo courtesy of Yasmin Osbourne ©

In 2015, Yasmin (pictured) had decided to undertake an Honours research year looking at physical literacy, the use of technology, and functional capacity in children in a Darwin School and also in a very remote school – Kalkaringi. It was very hard work for Yasmin – she had to put up with Jim’s incessant raving about the Richmond Football Club and along with other stories in the 7.5 hour (each way) road trip to Kalkaringi. Apart from that torture, interesting discussions were had between them and STEMfit team member, Jeff Parker, who was the school principal there at the time. It was from these chats that over the next year or two that the idea of using movement data from the school kids could be used in STEM classes. From these little things* the evolution has continued. 

*This has a relationship to Paul Kelly’s song of the same name. For those interested in cryptic messages, can you work it out?

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