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People_s_Choice_2020___Ergon_Energy_and_Energex_Community_Fund_People_s_Choice___Talking_EnergyHi Everyone,

Recently we were successful in obtaining support for our physical activity based STEM education program for the disadvantaged from Ergon Energy. Its called “Don’t close the gap….Jump it!” which will enable us to reach out to a number of Queensland Schools.  However if we get enough votes in Ergons’ “People’s choice 2020 award” we will be able to reach even more kids in more schools. Will you vote for us?

If you have time today to click your mouse twice we would really appreciate it! (no logins required we promise)

 – Click once on the link  https://www.talkingenergy.com.au/ergon-energy-and-energex-community-fund-peoples-choice/brainstormers/peoples-choice-2020

 – Click once on the QUT Oodgeroo Unit  heart emoji

Help us Jump the Gap!

STEMfit Don’t Close the Gap Jump it! is a partnership taking a successful outback, remote education programme from the Northern Territory into Queensland schools with QUT Oodgeroo, Griffith University and the University of the Sunshine Coast

About STEMfit

Kids love tech and they love the playground, STEMfit utilises wearable technologies where children can collect their own physical activity data to later analyse in the classroom and compare themselves with their peers and sporting heroes. It’s great fun, really engaging and real world STEM

Find out more at stem-fit.com



Thankyou Ergon for your support!

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