Alo Ngukurr!

Dr Charlie discusses the biology of the body

We are a few days in on our Ready , Set…. Science roadshow to remote NT. Our first school is a Ngukurr on the Roper river in Arnhem land. Its only 8hrs from Darwin  and Junior STEM ambassador Matthew recons it a great ride, especially if you get to ride shotgun at 130km/h (this is the speed limit on the highway to Katherine).

Charlie had a great time with the kids , doing up anatomical models with them and explaining about the heart and brain, and how its important to fuel them with the right things, and only the occasional treats.

Jim put everyone through their paces using light gates and other sports technologies.

Matthew even found time to phone his regular school back in Brisbane, where all the kids enjoyed a video hookup with tales of crocodiles and sharing stories about what everyone likes to do in their spare time. His new friends in Ngukurr were astounded to discover that his school is 1/2 the size of the entire Ngukurr community. He also liked the idea that you don’t have to wear shoes to school. Matthew also got to participate in language class and was stunned to learn there are 7 Australian language spoken at the school…and all he knew was English!

Everyone got to try (and keep) their very own piece of wearable technology!
Using Radar to measure a ball through speed (this young one was seriously fast )

Next stop is Mataranka springs, to wash off some of the red dirt and then on toward to STEMfit co-founder Principal Parker at Katherine’s Clyde Fenton school 

Farewell to the beautiful people of the Ngukurr community, we came to teach… but learnt so much more ourselves

Image Credit: Ngukurr School CEC

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