Ready, Set…Katherine!

Our STEMfit Ready , Set… Science Roadshow found time to go back to where it all began, spending time with with STEMfit co-counder and school Principal Jeff Parker. These days Jeff is the school principal at Clyde-Fenton school in Katherine, so after a quick dip at Mataranka Springs it was straight into the classrooms and playing fields at his school.

Jim had his radar unit out and everyone got to see how fast they can through a ball!

One of our highlights was working with a young man who has just recently moved to town from the bush….. it was a joy to work with him as he experienced the joys of the classroom and technology with fresh eyes.

Road train Image from wiki commons

All too soon it was time to head back to Darwin, Charlie achieved a new personal best passing 6 road trains in a row. For any not familiar with roadtrains they are a truck with up to 6 trailers towed behind it and dominate the remote highways of Australia up North. Our junior STEM ambassador Matthew did the maths, and tells us that that is 36 trailers to over take. They can take some time to pass and often the only thing you can see through the bull dust is the road train drivers indicator signalling to you that its OK to about trusting your mates in the outback!

We rounded out our trip with a stall at Darwins STEM Innovation playground, which had the kids 5 deep at times and ran our STEmfit team ragged…all great fun!

Thankyou Inspired NT, Inspire Australia for your support of our trip.

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