Announcing the STEMfit Cup 2021 medalists

ISEA STEMfit Cup 2021

ISEA STEMfit Cup 2021

Congratulations to all our entrants in this years inaugural STEMfit Cup, where primary schools students had to compete on the athletic track and also with a STEM sports project. A big congratulations to all teams who entered from Ngukurr and Brisbane -Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Japan. With the various challenges of heat, rain , snow and COVID school closures it was impressive that all schools did so well. Not all schools could do all events, especially as some were constrained to backyards. The judges particularly liked the creativity of the Ngukurr video, the enthusiasm of the Haggis girls and the rock solid research performance of HPSS. Special mention to NZ’s young team who put everything together and we absolutely loved the precision of the 1/100’s of a second measurements from Team guys rock!

We awarded gold medals performance to team Scotland and Holland Park. With Holland Park taking out the overall STEMfit cup!
A silver medal to team NZ…the land of the silver fern.
Whilst Team Japan was outstanding on the athletic track and Team Ngukurr did an amazing project they were let down by their other event, we award them Bronze medals and our hearty congratulations .
Thanks also to our judges Kim from the ISEA, past Olympian and sports research director Sue, Sports Sensor manufacturer (former NASA engineer) Alex and STEM education expert Anna for your efforts…a truly international team of judges with a range of expertise across sport and STEM
We also like to thank the International Sports Engineering Association and Gulf Data Concepts for their support.

See our Announcement Video and all the student Project STEM entries

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