STEMfit, from the biochemistry lab

While STEMfit was founded on measuring how your body moves, STEMfit partner Dr. Charlie introduced us to how a better understanding of how our bodies create and store energy are now also a big part of STEMfit. Dr Charlie teaches premed medical students all about metabolism, how we create energy in our body, how weContinue reading “STEMfit, from the biochemistry lab”

Why maths?

Utilising wearable technology and sports sciences to engage students in STEM activities James B Lee,1Jeff Parker2& Daniel A. James1 1 Exercise and Sports Science, College of Health and Human Sciences, Charles Darwin University, Australia 2. Department of Education, Northern Territory, Australia Abstract: Student engagement in STEM learning activities has been flagged as a major barrierContinue reading “Why maths?”

The science behind STEMfit and our new book

Some time back Jim, Dan and Keane put together a book on using wearing sensors in sport. It was for them the culmination of decades of work in the discipline, publishing several hundred papers on the topic in scientific articles. This book was a little bit different though and intended to reach into the communityContinue reading “The science behind STEMfit and our new book”