About Us

Our Vision

To create exciting and engaging, enquiry based STEM educational experiences through the lens of physical activity and sport.

Kids love tech and they love the playground, STEMfit utilises wearable technologies where children can collect their own data to later analyse in the classroom and compare themselves with their peers and sporting heroes.

Our Story

Our story begins a few years back with a long drive to the very, very remote schools of the Northern Territory. It is there that Jim noticed the astonishing physical abilities of the children. Despite bare foot and stony ground, they easily outperform their metropolitan counterparts. Returning with a host of sports science and wearable technologies to find out more he was immediately a rockstar. Noticing the engagement Jeff saw an opportunity to harness this for STEM education objectives. Enter Dan, a world leading wearables developer and an EduTech venture was formed with the support of Charles Darwin University and the Department of Education.

It turns out that wearables are both fun to wear and allow you to collect numbers about yourself. Maths lessons that are all about you…sounds good!

Meet the Team


Dr James Lee is a Senior Lecturer, Sports Science Charles Darwin university and passionate educator. As a biomechanist and innovative user of wearable technologies he sees this as an engagement tool to reach out to young people.

Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker is the Principal of the remote Clyde Fenton School in the Northern Territory. Astonished at the physical abilities of his students he is excited to harness this to help with learning the STEM disciplines in the classroom.


Dr Daniel James is a principal research fellow at Charles Darwin University and resident rocket scientist. He’s been playing with technology ever since he realised he had opposable thumbs. He has developed wearable technologies for serious sports persons and weekend warriors alike.

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