James, D. A., Parker, J., Willis, C., & Lee, J. (2020). STEMfit: Student Centric Innovation to Improve STEM Educational Engagement Using Physical Activity, Wearable Technologies and Lean Methodologies. In Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Proceedings (Vol. 49, No. 1, p. 33).

Lee, J., Wheeler, K., & James, D. A. (2019). Wearable Sensors in Sport: A Practical Guide to Usage and Implementation. Springer Singapore.

Utilising wearable technology and sports sciences to engage students in STEM activities Why Maths? Inspiration beyond the Classroom, pp9 2019, Australian Association of Maths Teachers, Brisbane, Australia



STEMfit is grateful for financial and inkind support from the following organisations

Rainmaker fund, Charles Darwin University

Northern Territory, Department of Education

Ergon/Energex Community Development fund

Inspire Australia / National Science week 2020


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