Announcing the International ISEA STEMfit Cup

Thanks to the support of the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA), the premier professional association for technology and engineering in sport STEMfit are pleased to be announcing the inaugural STEMfit cup to take place later in the year. Invited teams from schools in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Scotland will take up the STEMfitContinue reading “Announcing the International ISEA STEMfit Cup”

STEMfit: Getting ready for National Science Week 

Last week our Queensland team had great fun filming STEMfit activities with a great bunch of kids, both out on the sports field, as well as in our COVID cave. Up North Jim was hard at it too, with some filming in the sports lab. We are putting together 3 videos on technology in sport,Continue reading “STEMfit: Getting ready for National Science Week “

STEMfit’s origin story has been published!

This week we present our methodology behind developing STEMfit in the education track of the  International Sports Engineering Association conference in Tokyo . Straight out of the Steve Blank Lean Start playback it is all about listening to our customers….err students and teachers. Thankyou to all the teachers and students that have allowed this projectContinue reading “STEMfit’s origin story has been published!”

We need your help (2 clicks required)

Hi Everyone, Recently we were successful in obtaining support for our physical activity based STEM education program for the disadvantaged from Ergon Energy. Its called “Don’t close the gap….Jump it!” which will enable us to reach out to a number of Queensland Schools.  However if we get enough votes in Ergons’ “People’s choice 2020 award”Continue reading “We need your help (2 clicks required)”

STEMfit…now in Qld!

Congratulations to Keane, Charlie and Sharon from Queensland on winning a sensational community grant ( we can’t say who yet). We are so excited to see STEMfit rolling out to Queensland schools in the Brisbane Metro and Fraser Coast,  through Queensland University of Technology, Oodgeroo Indigenous unit together with partner institutions Griffith University and UniversityContinue reading “STEMfit…now in Qld!”

STEMfit: A deep dive with Dr. Charlie

We know STEMfit as having a good time in the playground and then analysing our data in the classroom. But there is another, deeper layer and that is the physiology of our body and its contribution to helping us run faster and jump higher. Learning about the bodies biology helps has design better training programmes,Continue reading “STEMfit: A deep dive with Dr. Charlie”

Back in 2015 a seed for an idea was planted.

Today, Jim Lee was invited to Yasmin Osborne’s admission as a lawyer into the Northern Territory Supreme Court. This is the culmination of many years study commencing with Exercise and Sport Science, followed by an Honours degree, after which came the law degree. With all of them, Yasmin was always dedicated and successful with herContinue reading “Back in 2015 a seed for an idea was planted.”